Friday, April 8, 2011

grateful to the Lord for...

~ John offering me his hand when I need to stand up.  (I think he saw Daddy do this when I was fully rounded pregnant, so he- though half my height while I'm squatting- very chivalrously offers me his hand now anytime he's near me when I'm standing up.)

~ our new nephew set to be arriving at the end of this month... the first boy cousin!

~  "Mom, can you make this again?" (...and for salad nonetheless!)

~ Yeye and Nainai (grandpa and grandma)-  tickets purchased for their visit at the end of next month!

~ Isaiah's passion for a good story... just like his Papa (they're about half done with The Hobbit)

~ sweet big brothers who both love to kiss our littlest girl (Isaiah did inform me recently that he hates it when other people kiss, but it's ok to kiss just family.)

 ~ catching a goofy glimpse of her sweet silly quick smiles (just the "gas-induced" type still- she's just 2 weeks here)  and so many glimmers of her sweetness...

~ the white and yellow and green that have dressed and wrapped each of our darlings littlest days

~ and the pink hand-me-downs and gifts for our girl!

~ a new plan to fill our back planters for free or 2 buck seeds.  Here's daddy with the helpers who assisted in transplanting lilac saplings (yes lilacs!) to our back patio

(honest- she's just being silly)

~ the view from my kitchen sink

~ Disco fingers up high, dancing in our seats at dinner

~ John's frequent offer/request, "Hep (help) you?"

~ My man's love notes... and even more, "eyes"... when a long look is all I to fill up on his love

~ Marian's song "Tuna Noodle Hot Dish" to the tune of Happy Birthday to you...

~ John holding my hand through dinner

~ girlfriends who love God and love to delve deeper into Him and talk/write about Him

~ The camera within reach for some self-portraits with our baby girl.... worth capturing, even in pajamas

happiness trickling out of her mouth

completely exhausted after 3 minutes in front of the camera!

~ cuddling Vivi

~ her hummy sighs


  1. There are tears in my eyes. You are SUCH a precious friend, Jill. I'm so very very thankful that we can share life over the screens of computers. You warm my heart. Your children are amazing. Beautiful. Much love, friend. Much love.

  2. So much cuteness, all on one page... :) Time to add your newbie to your Who We Are tab!

  3. Seriously, she is just the cutest! I love howthe siblings just love on her, too....Jack told me this morning just a minute ago that he wanted a, a little too late sweetie, but I can sure see why..there's something about being able to love on something littler than you! Love you and so grateful for your newest little blessing, Matt and Jill!! We praise Him!!

  4. Oh my Jill, that Vivi is the sweetest little thing! I love the pics of you and her...actually I love all the pictures.