Tuesday, April 19, 2011

five years and a month

We finally got to celebrate our big boy- exactly one month after his birthday- with his new school & neighbor friends.  By culture laws here, it was illegal or at least perposterous to locals that we would host a party like this since it was still not yet one month since Vivi was born (I should be in bed that entire first month!) ...  but we've been calling her "nearly a month old" or "about a month" for more than a week now when people ask her age.  Our friends flexed their cultural expectations with us, and I think we all enjoyed the festive time together.  I know us Ks sure did...

Most of the time the kids ran wild and it was perfect... but for one bit we tried to provide a little structure.    The birthday boy ran fast as the wind, passed off the baton to his buddy, and then continued running the next lap with him.  We'll have to work on the idea of a relay...  

and finally... here's our fantastic birthday boy!

We enjoyed a local minority food for our meal together- our cool language tutors prepared it for us!  It was delicious, as was the chocolate cake, but still I think the straws were the highlight of the meal for the 5 year old crowd...  Such a joy to celebrate the amazing graces of God to give us Isaiah and to grow our boy with a heart after him.  


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Wish we could have walked, swam, and then biked over... :)

  2. Such a fun party Ks! We sure would have loved to celebrate it with you....Love from the Kleins to your sweet boy...and the rest of the beautiful clan...gosh, they all are getting so big! Well, with the exception of Vivi...she's going to stay small right?!

  3. I'm loving the Medora shirt that Isaiah wore! Warms this auntie's heart. Miss you and love you all! Happy belated birthday to the growing boy!
    - Auntie Amy and Uncle Andrew