Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Praying for Eli...

The Lord does increase!

Greg and Heather have revealed the name of their baby boy, Eli Joseph.  The name sounds great, but to read their post of the meaning, makes it even better.  And our sweet nephew is set to arrive tomorrow now!  It looks like some not-serious things came up and Heather is now being induced and expecting to meet their son tomorrow.

Would you join us in praying?  If you've tracked with us over the past year, you know to be praying for Greg and Heather to have peace in these hours they wait to meet their boy.... and to pray for a healthy little boy!  Oh we are so thrilled to hear the news of this sweet boy SOON!

Thanks for praying with us, dear friends!

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  1. He 's here! What a joy and blessing! Congrats to you guys! I love his name. I went and read their post and that is so awesome!