Monday, October 10, 2016


We got to spend a few days with my dad in Sept... such a gift to be in this beautiful place for the very end of summer- perfect to still be able to swim in the pond but also to catch a first glimpse of the fire that's simmering in the trees.  We learned, among other things, that our names and titles for these two did not hit their hearts so we've given up "Grandpa Jonathan" and "Grandma Barbara" and gone to the far funner "Pop" and "Nan".  Such a great time we got with you guys!  Thank you for flying us up and thanks for having our crazy crew in your lovely home!!

at Goldsmith Pond...  Lake Goldsmith

as always... some great conversation with you guys!  And of course lots yummy meals and beverages!

in the middle of an impromptu bed time story...  
(I'd like to think our crew outfitting this guy in a Chinese baseball jersey helps, just a tiny bit, 
to keep him interesting :)

bedtime stories

the six of us ran at least a dozen races around the pond... perfect length for a bit of competition + loads of laughter.

The big three caught over a dozen little fish... a good morning of learning to wait together

two times she caught such a heavy puller on her line that we were sure she'd be bringing in a northern pike.... but both times he got away after a good little struggle.

What a great visit this was... Thank you guys!
(Matt's getting limber for squats- and this subtraction of a few inches looks pretty natural!  
Great job, babe!)

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