Monday, October 3, 2016

Black Duck!

We were crazy blessed to spend this week in mid August with our K family in Minnesota...  What super JOY to get to do it for the FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of our very own, very loved Mom and Dad K.  Dale and Mary, your example, care, love, support for us is more than we can express due thanks for!  You are enormous blessings in our lives and we love you "to the sky" (as Vivi would say!)

We had a fantastically fun week, even indulging in some restful afternoon naps mid all the excitement, and it was just Such a Gift to be with these people!!!  Matt has some of the funnest, most talented, and of course, downright zaney siblings on the planet.  I'm so blessed to marry into all this joy!

And like the perfect cherry on top of the Dale K crew... we got Dale's parents too!  Great Grandpa Harold and Great Grandma Marian.  Legacy and beauty rich in every wise and wonderful way!   Man, we love these people!!!

(These photos are out of order- and there are entirely too many of them to be blog appropriate I'm sure...  but this assortment of family fun is too precious a batch of photo joy to go light on....)

Marian told me on the way to Minn...  "I'm looking forward to seeing all of our family, but *especially* to meeting baby Evan for the first time!"

On the drive out to Blackduck we stopped to see Great Aunt Margaret....  another glimpse of the elegance and grace this family is so rich with!  What a beautiful lady!!

There was a bit of movie making going on one afternoon... and this is the kids' first peak and the final production of "Queen Princess Purple" (did I get that title correct?)

So this is what a "water trampoline" is...
Matt could jump (belly flop) onto the front of this blow up extension and the kid sitting out on the edge of it would fly...  about like this... except for the time the kid at the edge (was it Marian or John?) wasn't sitting out far enough and flew up and backward... landing right onto of Matt!

our fearless captain...

 Great Grandpa's line of firstborn males

a little bit of an odd shot on account of the pajamas and bed head and a few goofy smiles... but it's a keeper still!

so much love and loveliness among these precious ones...

oh!  these two lovely Marians...

such an exceedingly blessed heritage right here!  We're so grateful for these loved ones!!

And...I can't figure out how to get this actual photo in here... but here's a link to Heather's Facebook photo of the whole group of the Dale Ks!

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