Monday, October 10, 2016

New York!

On the way into the stadium, this dog "Chica" captured our kid crew's hearts....  he watched his owner and obeyed so well!  What a great doggie!

So fun that our crew got to watch our first family MLB game in NYC- the Mets vs. the Twins!!  Mets beat 'em 3-0.  

With my dad gifting us flights to come see him, we were able to attach a few days to stay in New York City!  What a treat!  Super thanks to our friend Eli who hooked us up with a very dear church that hosts people who come to serve in the city.  Our family got to stay there for two nights, in a great neighborhood in Brooklyn.  

(so... it was pretty bright)

And from here, we ate a great NY style pizza and walked through Central Park and took a rest there for ice cream and dog & people watching.  Then we made it to the Museum of Natural History at the perfect time!  The lady at the door greeted us with the happy words "there's no charge for tickets in the last hour we're open."  Our kids might not have made it more than an hour anyway!  But this way we enjoyed our speed tour through the dinosaurs, Native Americans and gems and minerals exhibits.  

Sunday morning we deeply enjoyed worshipping at Redeemer Pres and even ran into the pastor as we popped up from the subway and were looking around for where to head for the service.  Pretty fun to get to say "Hey would you mind if we follow you to church?".... and then to tell him that he regularly preaches for us - via podcast- in our little worship services in China.   It was a beautiful worship service and we are unspeakably grateful, blessed, delighted to get to be a part of this tradition, as Matt is pursuing ordination in the Presbyterian Church in America.  

And that afternoon we headed back to sunny lovely Orlando....  such a great trip!  #superthankful #familymemories  #planestrainsandautomobiles #christforthecity

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