Monday, October 24, 2016

missing pics and a broken camera...

I feel like there's a big hole in our family photo library....  Ten days after landing in the states I had over two thousand photos on my camera (see the Blackduck post below... a fantastically special vacation with Matt's family).  And I had no computer to upload the photos to and then LIFE happened (school, school, fixing up and selling our rental home, and lots of beautiful people to see).... Then I got our computer up and running and then my camera broke.

Now here I am two months in with almost no photos beyond two family trips and I have this ugly awkward inner sense of not-rightness to let two whole months go with no photos of our lives here... It just should. not. be.

Gratefully, the precious, dearly loved Mom of my heart, Judy, shared these photos from her phone.

(What a man, carrying his wife's purse like that!)  

During our time in Orlando this fall and winter, we are gratefully enjoying Lake Baldwin Church.  Since LBC meets in a public school, we had no meeting place on the Sunday morning after the Hurricane Matthew (even though there was so little damage in Orlando, the school still had to be checked.)  So we had a free Sunday to drive up to Sanford and worship at St. Andrews Chapel. Such a treat!

Don Bailey is the pastor that married us and first mentored Matt when he moved to Orlando in 2003.  What a gift to get time with the Bart and Judy Johnson and Don together!  (We missed you Tracy Bailey... who was helping her daughter clean up her home because Hurricane Matthew did cause damage outside of Orlando!)

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