Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Candidate with Honor... Evan McMullin for President

I'm not usually super political... but this election- when all the world is looking at two shameful characters running for president of our nation- in this election I am GLAD to support a new candidate: Evan McMullin // Mindy Finn. 

There's honor in this team. I hear intelligent competency addressing issues and polite, courteous character in dialogue with others.  And I'm unapologetically asking you to consider this vote.... would you shout out about this great chance on your social media as well?

He's pro-life. And on same sex marriage he said it so well (paraphrased): "I believe in the traditional view that marriage is one man and one woman. But the courts of our land have approved of this and I will support their decision. It's time to move on now."

As for the reality of him every possibly winning... its slim, very slim, but there is a chance.

And as for America needing to recognize that there are Conservatives that stand for principles of honor and virtue and truth and not just "Republican"...whatever that names has come to mean, this Forbes post shows plainly, why my vote is glad and confident for McMullin // Finn.

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