Thursday, March 6, 2014

Isaiah Dale

from our local Bilingual Baseball League, August 2013
(A few weeks ago I shared this plan to post about each one of our kids.  The girls (now updated!) and the intro are below a little ways if you're interested.)  

I love this boy.  

Our firstborn is a joy to us, to watch him grow in character and skill and faith.  He's a reader, baseball player, basketball shooter, biker, rollerblader, soap carver, karate kicker, lego builder & designer, helper in the home, piano player, avid drawer, awesome hugger, fierce strategy game warrior, and loyal friend.   

And he sings… not much, and not if you pay attention to him… but I love eavesdropping as he sings along (sometimes loudly) with a playlist of songs we have for family devotions.  I love that his favorite is The Reward for Your Suffering.  

He's a saver:  he's downright *rich* compared to his spend-quick sister.  And these two do compare themselves to each other a lot….  and it's usually neither good nor helpful (but I just did it too!)   Last fall he told me he was saving his not quite $1 allowance (which is not quite weekly) to buy a gift for his grandma and grandpa who were coming…. but nothing struck him as worthy and it's still all being saved.  

He's got a crazy memory…  often recalling events and people we visited years ago and easily memorizing catechism questions and Bible verses (we love the fighter verse app on iPad!).   He loves memorizing a new song to play on the piano so he doesn't have to look at his hands.  (And then he's tried to play a few songs with his eyes closed, just to get another step up.)

For now, I think he's our pickiest eater.  This crazy boy barely likes dairy… unless it's the sweet and iced kind.  Yogurt and sometimes cheese makes him leave the table, if the smell catches him wrong.  But he'll consume two man size portions of 宫保鸡丁 (his favorite dish of chicken and veggies and peanuts stir fried over rice.)

He loves to be with his dad, helping repair toys or bikes, or doing anything just to be along side his dad.  But this boy loves his grandma and grandpa fiercely too.  And I know I don't rate too shabby either.  He's a tender boy to love so deeply…. even though sometimes he doesn't show his love very easily.  For example, most nights John, on the bottom bunk, begs me to lay down with him for a few minutes before sleep time.   Isaiah almost never asks me (except for a back scratch).  But when I ask him if I can cuddle him for a minute he's almost always an instant, eager YES.  (And I know he loves his siblings too but man! can our oldest two, and all of them really, ever bicker-battle for hours!)(#motherhoodisakillerrefiningfire)

Isaiah has a pretty high desire for inclusion- especially with his siblings.  He can feel hurt pretty quickly and easily if someone wants time alone…. but he also really needs his own space too sometimes.   Few things annoy him more than someone hovering over him while he draws or writes or reads.    

As for loyal friend, he's just good at being there for his friends, noticing who needs a friend, cheering others up.   Sometimes he'll even be the funny one who makes everyone laugh, and everyone in our family notices well and laughs hard when he's in that kind of goofball mood.  But more often, he's the guy enjoying the sillier ones' humor….. and I couldn't enjoy anything more than being with my silly laughing crew all smiling wide and laughing loud together.

And at the end of a long day, Isaiah's usually the first to fall asleep in the kid dorm (only one more month of all four in the same room!  I know I'll miss it, but I'm excited for what's new too.) In the morning, he's usually the first to find me in the back room, rubbing his eyes, to come give me a fantastic morning cuddle hug.  I couldn't be more grateful to the Lord to get to start my days hugging this boy.   

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