Monday, March 10, 2014

Capture the Flag (celebrating #8!)

We had a fantastically fun party for Isaiah's 8th birthday (just a little bit early, to preempt our moving madness).  25 kids, pizza and cake, and a wild game of screaming, running kids covering a huge area of our apartment complex (and astonishing a few neighbors and a gate guard), in the drizzly twilight:  the perfect party for our battle-loving athlete.  What a joy to celebrate the gift this boy is in our lives, and the Giver who gave him to us.

David Gunner Gunderson has posted some magnificent poems at his blog Raw Christianity.  This excerpt from the end of a poem he wrote for his son Judah. We cry out the same prayer and throw ourselves on the same promises in God's Word for our the son of our love, Isaiah…

O Father, help my son to see.
Help him to learn.  Help him to be
The kind of man who seeks Your face
And knows Your love and weeps at grace.
Dear Father, open Judah’s eyes
In times to come.  Do not disguise
Your Son from mine.   Please show him how
To turn and trust and love and bow.
I beg you now, O Lord of grace:
Let Judah early seek Your face.
Dear God of sight, please hear my plea:
I want my son to always see.

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