Wednesday, March 19, 2014

our daily mess

So when you move, note to self,  don't forget you'll need time for goodbyes and crazy detail sorting and planning and certainly not only packing. And remember this all takes a bit more time, and comes later in the game, in this country that doesn't bother with most details til the morning of….  We have our landlord's move-out date (april 6) but no movers, no home to move into, no place to stay in our new city when we arrive.  And it's not for lack of desire or lack of effort in trying to get all this done!  Maybe all that will be in place before we get there, or maybe not.  I do know now that we'll have two shipments of our home going out- one by train (a bit cheaper), one by truck (carrying what the train won't allow- fragile stuff and liquids).  The Lord knows…..  He knows and He'll be with us in the midst and care for us through it.  Father help me to walk ahead trusting, trusting You.

In the meantime…  here's a few pics from a nice afternoon for the kids and I at home on Vivi's real bday (not party day).  We made popcorn for our read-aloud time and sat in the living room and it felt like a gift… always with a good story (Laura's Literary society spell-off).  Of course John and Vivi love to "play puppy" (or sometimes "kitty") and eat the popcorn off the floor with no hands and I can't pretend to care deeply about the lack of hygiene right now.  They were happy.  I was glad.  (And the floor was tolerable too, as floors go.)

and then out came Calvin and Hobbes...

snazzy dress up girls

and I need a good brother shot too…. I'll be hunting for one :) 

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