Monday, March 17, 2014

She's fthree….

We had another early birthday party….  for our sweet Vivi girl's #3.   So fun to gather her friends to celebrate the joy she is to all of us and play together for the afternoon.

It was the perfect gift to this mom and dad that a small, simple play place just opened in the building next door to us.  We bought a card a little while ago that made each kid's visit cost not quite $2 so we got to treat Vivi's closest friends to an afternoon of play there and we didn't plan a single thing besides cake.  (That was true traditionally K:  tasty and nothing to look at.  Strawberry shortcake.  The battery was gone by then:).  

We delight in this treasure of a girl!  Thank you Lord for this darling daughter!

(Please excuse the wardrobe arrangement- dress, capris, socks.  Our very fashion savvy family stocks us with hand-me-down loveliness that helps improve our fashionlessness considerably but still, we just can't keep up!)

Now that she's three (which she sometimes says with a slight f sound to begin with), she's pretty crazy excited about her shot at chewing gum.   She's kept it all between her teeth and with none in her tummy yet, so she's feeling especially big these days.  Oh we love her….

The card her 1st grade big sister wrote for her….  (should all be nigh readable… except Plite, is "polite")
This is proof that poetry wins smiles and cheer and glad affection even when spelling and grammar fail miserably!  We're working on it!

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