Monday, February 17, 2014

Kids' Blogs

Sometime last fall, I read all the free pages on Amazon from a book that a dear friend recommended.  It was about Jesus and loving him passionately and living out our faith radically.  It was good and intriguing and I wanted to read more so I found the author's web site.   And then it got funny.

Or maybe it was just my husband that was funny.  Or maybe it's just me?

The author's web site had a huge, and I mean *gigantic*, picture of her across the top.  I told Matt about it and he thought I was exaggerating.  But when I showed it to him, he chuckled with me.   "It's as if she's saying 'Less of me and more of my face.'"  Really, it wasn't an error on the screen, but we had to scroll down (on our laptop) past her nose to see her chin.

And a side note, I've loved all that I've read from this author and I'm not saying posting huge picture of your face is sin or criminal… it just strikes me as odd / funny that's all.  

So that started Matt on a goofy rabbit trail… what would it be like if our kids had blogs like that?  Well, that silly thought became the plan for the next "growth chart" posts for this ole blog, but even I, who post ridiculous loads of photos of my kids, can't stand for photos of them quite that large.  Still, it's fun and a sweet record of where our kids are at on the map of their childhood:  their abilities, interests, memories, sayings, quirks.

I'm bummed that I never got all the graphic design to make their pics look like web sites or to put the titles of the things they love most across the top like play page titles… that was the dream plan.  This is the reality.  Beginning with the girls and hopefully getting to the boys' posts in a few more days.

Presenting:  Our Kids' Blogs… a record of where they are now.

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  1. I love reading the blog posts of each kiddo. I can just hear your voice in my head as I read them.