Wednesday, February 19, 2014


On our ride home from the veggie market this afternoon, I'm pretty sure we looked like a circus on our rusty ol' three wheeled bike with four times the legal amount of children, loud of course, with laughter.  We stocked up on balloon magnificence from the talented artist-merchant who sold these beauties from her wheeled cart there today…  we've never seen her before.  These will be fun for two birthday parties we'll attend this weekend.    Hope the birthday boys enjoy these as much as we do…. and I sure hope these crowns last!

It definitely brought out joy to just watch this nice lady twist and turn all that air-filled playfulness.  

Even made me splurge to get an extra treat for our boys and one for our girls
and support the local economy :)  
Isaiah wasn't interested in this one as the boys' treat because it was a butterfly but there was nothing that looked a bit more manly.  I told him we would call it a solider with wings….. 
The girls' flower fell apart before I even had time to give them the talk… about how these sure won't last long...

And then when it was time for devotions tonight?  I had to realize that evidently, it was really time for wrestling…. and then devos.  #sweetfamilynight

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