Monday, February 24, 2014

sweet treats online


I guess most of you know about Amazon Smile?  Please don't miss it!  It's really just too great a gift to pass by!  If you shop on amazon just like normal…. but just add this to your web address when you go to their site to shop ….. then you get to choose a charity organization to give .5% of your purchase price to.  Amazon gives it!  Don't miss this!  One org that I would have liked to give to wasn't listed, but my next choice (and many other excellent Christian, missions-service org were there!).  We're signed up for Amazon Smile to give to As Our Own from our purchases.  I'm so glad for this!

And…  I'm super enjoying this music right now and I just must share.  You can listen to most of the songs at the Sovereign Grace site.  It's a little CD, only 6 songs, but it's only 5$.  Again, a very sweet gift to enjoy!   My favorites are Plead for Me (a much better song than I first expected since the title threw me off) and Oh To See You.  Oh to soak in these lyrics and tunes and be transformed more to the  heart and mind of Christ!

More soon, I hope, to share about our sweet boys!!  Today Matt takes off for a quick business trip.  We'd love your prayers for his safety and our crew's sanity while he's gone!  I'm already starting to get a bit crazy feeling about figuring out details for our move- will one of us find a place before we land there?  will we have a place to move our stuff too? will we be able to get there before our stuff?  How do we LIVE (where?) the last few days of a move?  How do we host the precious guests who are coming from America just after our move-out date? (They'll be in a hotel, but we want to serve them well!)  The Lord knows all this… and He alone is my peace.   I'll talk with my landlord this Wednesday and that is another thing to pray for….  oh for favor that we could wrap up the deal for this place well.

Again, the Lord knows and He is with us…..  and we rest in Him.

Thanks for your prayers!

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