Friday, August 2, 2013

summer sun

Sunshine and summer cheer has sure turned up at the corners of our lips this week... not that we were gloomy before, but this week has been exceedingly fun.

Yesterday the kiddos slept an hour past their normal wake up (read- they were exhausted from summer play) but we had a busy day ahead so I finally had to wake them up.  I flung back the curtains and told them all the good news that this new day would hold:  More sunshine.  More play.  More friends.  More Joy.

As I snuggled in for some nibbly kisses on our little man's sweet neck, I heard a voice of wonder from the big guy on bunk above....

"I feel...  I feel like I could do anything."

How's that for sunshine and joy talking?  Makes this mama glad, glad, glad.

Oh to live in such confidence everyday, for him and for me and for all of us.... not that I can do everything, or anything at all on my own... but that in Christ- the eternal Son- We Can Do All Things, He is with us, and we have all we need for life and godliness, we have yes's for every promise, we have Hope laid up for us already, and an eternal home being prepared by Him for us....

What a blessed reality... whether felt or not!  And to feel that high from your nose to your toes, oh,  what a gift!  Such grace from the Giver of All.  Thank You, Lord.  

Here's some shots from our sunshiny week...
an outing at the park this morning...  Uncle Tim's last big outing with the Ks this summer.   南湖公园


the boy boat was Tim and his roommate, Isaiah and John
(I got a morning to rest quiet at home.... well needed and delighted in)

This girl's a bargain shopper!  She found matching T's for all our kids for about 25 cents each!
What summer would be complete without PLAY DOUGH!??
or balloons?!
or sweaty fun climbing on the exercisers?
And the biggest surprise of our summer.... this pool!!!  Across the street from the home of a dear friend of ours is this beautiful outdoor pool!  Such a great setup with a huge pool that's entirely 1.5 - 2  feet deep so even Vivi is confident to play on her own.  There's a deeper pool nearby too for our big kids.... And Isaiah needs it.  He's swimming like a fish now!!!  Such a Joy to see!

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