Friday, August 9, 2013

Honor {and two golden books on parenting}

A while ago I heard a friend mention "Good and Angry:  Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids" as a key book for their family.  I'm pretty sure I ordered it that very day and I am grateful.  I've loaned it to another friend now so I can't copy any of the best nuggets to share here... but it's gold to be sure.  I found it to be super helpful and practical and encouraging...  I love the authors' approaches to "taking a break" and the clear way to communicate instructions for kiddos.  I found it very nurturing for relationships in our home.

And then I saw that they had a funny-covered book about whining.  (Vivi looked at the cover and said "why he so grumpy?"  I don't really love the cover or the title either.... but don't judge it and miss it, folks!)   The need came up in a conversation with friends- whining is a hard one for us mamas!- and my dear friend and I agreed we'd both read it.  

Lucky me... I got it first.  Another goldmine.  I love how the book starts.....  "This is a book about honor."  The authors give a simpler definition of honor but I've taken what they wrote and expanded it to be another page of essentials for our fridge. (Their explanation of honor is this:  "Treating people as special, doing more than what's expected, and having a good attitude. p 13.)  I know,  I've probably made 43 of these that have each been through a cycle on the fridge....  maybe they've each been good for their season?  Here's my page, poorly designed but still worthy aims!

Oh for this to be the tone, the culture of our family, the agreed-upon aims for our lives together.  Oh for the Lord to be glorified, our only comfort and help, in this entire endeavor!


Love, Serve, and Give to others sacrificially, above yourself 
Treat people as special

Do more than what’s expected 
All things with excellence and care

Choose Contentment & Joy 
Give Thanks

Trust the promises of God  
His word is for you and it is true

Worship and Delight in God  
Pray for Humility, Wisdom, Passion & Fruitfulness For your King's Glory and for your eternal gladness in Him

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