Tuesday, August 20, 2013

games and random pieces...

He's a whistler these days...

I wish I could say what it was that caught his fancy... who knows!

I feel like this must be recorded... Chore chart for the "pupits" (puppets- it's what our kids call their stuffed animals)
Don't miss... there's chores for four days a week here, including help the pupits clean house, tell the puppets to clean the house, and remind the boys to help cook.   I'd like a chore list and some puppets like that :)
First day in first grade homeschool!
First day in "Star Class" at the best Christian, Chinese preschool we could ever dare to imagine for our kids.  We are so grateful for how our little ones are loved there and the running start they are getting at growing up bilingual.
Visa Pics... Getting the specs just right for the white background and spacing... Matt has an underlying goal of making the visa officers and customs officials laugh when they look at our kids' pics.  The straight-faced mug just won't do.


  1. An important question from Mazie: "Did they eat all their popcorn? Those are huge bowls!" It's so fun to have this connection even though we are so far apart!

  2. They do look like huge bowls! I will make sure all the K's and T's get even bigger bowls all to themselves when we are all together again!!