Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a happy new look

I'm really excited for some new "stationary" for our online journal here.  I'm really grateful for Jenny at FrenchPressMornings and how she pours out her talent so generously to share beautiful designs of Scripture weekly.  And... she's done this for us!  A brand new header (and navigation bar, and verse for the side).  I'm really grateful too for such talent that she makes available in smaller sizes (you don't have to get an entire blog design... you can pick your pieces) and very reasonable prices.    Thank you, dear Jenny!  I feel so privileged...

And... while I'm introducing the new look I'll give a little explanation...

Why Wheat?

It reminds me of lots of precious things...

  • North Dakota... all the dearly loved Ks and precious friends there
  • the promise...  that He brings much fruit out of our being poured out and given up 
  • the (global) harvest is plentiful, the workers are few, therefore pray earnestly!
  • the (household) harvest I'm aiming for as a peacemaking mama, serving these treasured children
  • to pour our lives into eternal things... the things that will last and won't blow and burn away
  • the glass jar filled with wheat that reminds us of the eternal praise that our loved ones and all the saints who have gone on before us are a part of now...the fruit those lives are still bearing... where one day we will join in the forever unhindered celebration of God's grace.  My mama, Maelee Linn...

And.... WAY more than new stationary here....  we are thrilled with the arrival of our niece Alexia!  Just waiting for a few more pics to make a proper post for your welcome here, little love.  (just a little trying-to-be-patient hint).  We are so eager to meet you on FaceTime!!!

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