Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vivi's defender

John often likes to boast to his mama of his triumphs at battle.  In just one week recently, he killed a dragon, a shark, and a lion that were all trying to kill "our baby."  John would not let them at her.  
Or... like he said of a big, mean dog....  "it tried to kill us, but I cut off his head and he did not like that and he was sad."

John darling, I wish that the zoo outing we gifted you for your birthday turned out to be a much nicer day!  It was a beautiful weather, a beautiful area, but the zoo was a really sad place for the most part...  run down scattered facilities and poor, poor animals.   But I did bring the birthday party in a bag- jelly bellies!- sent from Grandma and Grandpa so that part was upper fun, and seeing a few (albeit sad) animals was almost nice.    Overall it was just great to be altogether and be with you, birthday boy....  You are such a joy, Son!

It was a great treat to rent a car for our day outing to the zoo...

May this next year be a great year of growth in the joy and knowledge and love and courage of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  Your mama and daddy love you oh! so! much!


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