Friday, June 15, 2012

behind the still shots

These two videos give a great glimpse of Vivi's personality.  It makes me so grateful to think of how much a girl can be known from just a few cute shots of her smiling.... and yet it makes me sad that she so much of her zaniness is left unknown, since she's never met (except for Skype) most all of her family and her whole, loud, silly personality just doesn't show through in every pic.  And so...some video!

Introducing the 15 month old littlest K.... who will be touching down on American soil for the first time in her life in less than three more months:  the very silly, very fun, immensely loved Vivi Hope.

A little more info...  bummer that I can't figure out why the top video loaded at such a poor quality, but the bath one is clearer  I think :)  And the stroller isn't ours (I think that's what made it especially fun to push!) and Vivi didn't tip over.... though she did get too close two times!

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