Sunday, June 10, 2012


 I feel ridiculously spoiled to have gotten a new camera this past week!  Normally, we'd never buy a new camera until our old one was officially Done....  but this time we had a mix of our old point and shoot (which we used for video) failing on us, and a friend wanting to buy our first DSLR and some guys coming this way that could bring in a new camera from the states (where it's much cheaper)... And now, I've ended up with a new camera that I finally, really love to use.  I feel like it is much better than I am worth as a photographer.   I'm amazed and grateful and so excited  to grow into new skills in photography....

So here's a few shots from our first few photo shoots...

I love that I could get her clear enough even in our dim bathroom!  yippee!
She's summiting her big brother's bed by herself now
(though it's not at all as fun to do when he's not sleeping and she can wake him up with a little tackle)

...just playing...
All four of our kids have So Much fun with these bedtime flashlights.  If only they'd learn to make things durable enough for our kids!  The wind-up deal beats a battery a thousand times, but the twister part has broken for two kids now!  

she loves her daddy's tickly love

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  1. Now that we are IN the States I can finally SEE the lovely pics you take. I always like to say that it's the PHOTOGRAPHER and not the camera that take good shots - and I certainly think you had great shots BEFORE the new camera, dear! (But a nice new camera is fun too). Lovely to see the kids all growing up. As always, wish we were closer to enjoy each other more! Jxx