Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Vivi's crew... the pink blanket from Yeye and Nainai (received as a Christmas gift and by mid Jan she wouldn't suck her thumb (ie. wouldn't sleep) without it.... so so sweet!  And the adorable violet sleep toy from Auntie Amy and Uncle Andrew and polkadot doll from G&G too!  May and I have agreed we're going to take a special girls outing when we go to America to look for a nice soft animal toy to buy for Vivi for Christmas this year.  Fun!

The little big guy switches loyalties pretty quick these days... but these are the most faithfully loved friends on his bed most days.  Moses Bear, Sven (the rat from Norway- (IKEA)) James the Owl and John's Special Blanket.  

These didn't start off as all Marian's... but it would seem she thinks they're all her private belongings now. She calls them her kids and they almost all have names (Kylie, Kitty, Brown Bear, Flower Bear....)

And one more shot to remember the bed fans that the big two are die-hard addicted to and the basket (for Isaiah it's a lego box) of junk they love to keep on their beds with them.... argh!

"Sleep Toy" and Pup are the most vital, but the yellow blanket is a close third... and while Remy and Reepacheep aren't as crucial for bedtime usually, they're fierce warriors and are well-loved for their heroism on the (playtime) battle-front.

just for the record :)

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