Friday, February 3, 2012


 Here's a few views from my seat on the train....

I really, really tried to get more shots of our surroundings, the people, the scenery, the tracks and stations.... but somehow my hands are always full of something about these great treasures in my life..

 16 hours southwest in our comfy though smoky (coming in through the seems) sleeper berth to see dear friends that stood with us at our wedding (Matt was a groomsmen for Matt).   

their little princess Lydia
our precious Marian

We are so grateful for you dear friends!  
What do you say we join forces as the K2 team for some grand adventure one day!?  
another Matt daddy with his boy Isaac

Endless fun every waking hour for all 7 kids (under 6).  Fantastic fellowship and great talks for us with Matt and Laura once our off the wall goofballs were asleep... or on their beds at least.  This was the perfect encouragment, perfect vacation for us.  What a Good Gift from our Gracious God to give us this time away with you...

We praise the Lord for these days with you and for each one of you:  Matt, Laura, Julianna, Lydia, Isaac, sweet baby K inside, and precious little K waiting to be adopted into your love.   (The Lord knows, sees, you dear little waiter, and precious friends, he knows your waiting too...)

this fantastic group of kids ate lunch in their pjs and princess dress-up clothes at least one of our days together
Isaiah and Julianna
(another post coming soon with more pics of the fun... 
and with the super tips we picked up- and hope to put into practice!- from these wise parents)

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  1. What fun! I am so glad you were all able to get away and spend time with such great friends. :) I cannot get over how big John looks in these pictures! They are all growing and changing so much.