Sunday, February 5, 2012

the bears

walking into the Panda Research Base 
 (Bet you can guess The Color of Chinese New Year, right?)

 We had five full days of fun with these dear friends... but I think the one outing that left the biggest impression on our kiddos was seeing the Pandas.  Matt pulled out the ipod on the way there and we listened to Andrew Petersons'  "Bears" song...

Oh Panda bears aren't so scary they're eating up China bamboo
But if you don't mind your mama, they just might come and eat you.

The tune was hummed/whistled throughout the morning there and most every time 
the "eat you" was a cue for some sort of tickley-muncheroo on a little giggler.  
Such a fun time!

As it turned out, I got to hold the camera and my little love, John's hand for most of the morning.... Walking with my sweetheart, slow pokey boy meant for lots of shots of John and everyone else's behind.  Such a nice morning for me to go slow and soak in all the joy that I could find from that perspective!
(How often am I telling our kids to receive what they are given, be grateful, be glad?
It is a sweet thing to do!)

The best way to get the kids to the finish line when they're dragging 
near the end of a long journey?  Red light, green light.  


  1. You and that camera of yours are a great team! You have some amazing pictures here and it looks like it was such a sweet time with friends. It would be amazing to see Pandas like that!

  2. Jill, You take such great pictures! So glad you had such a special trip and time with your dear friends during the CNY vacation. Blessings to you and your family!