Sunday, February 26, 2012

sweet new find

A few friends have mentioned to me recently this fantastic site for cooking in China.  I am so delighted that this Sara Beth is out there- across this wide country- stirring up such deliciousness in her home and sharing it so far beyond her own table.   What a gift to get to pick up on her tips and great finds!

Hearing about it is one thing but tasting it.... oh another.  One friend shared these quick biscuits:  pretty super and doable here, with no crisco or butter needed!  Then, last week a friend gifted me with a jar of Homemade Peppermint Patties.  I am not a York fan and now that I've tasted these, I would say that York is a very poor knock-off of these fantastic treats.  And I'm one to favor keeping the best words for the best things and food is just not one of the best things in the world.... but I will say this, this time:  Count me in.... I'm a fan! I super enjoy these peppermint patties... Oh the creamy, minty chocolateness! Thus, this post.

Here it is friends...  This terrific, simple site for anyone interested in cooking from scratch or cooking overseas:
Tips and recipes for making MORE 
in a place where LESS is available

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