Tuesday, February 14, 2012

more train pics

Daddy is so easy to impress...
they both love to cuddle

a quick moment of stillness
factory town.... view from the train
nestled up near the mountains.... view from the train
and here's more goofiness.... not on the train

the boys have enjoyed fun discovering with static electricity
oh this girl...
What do I say?  I love these boys.
John got it in his head that he needs to rollerblade now... even though he can't stay upright 2 seconds, Daddy indulged him and Marian let him wear her blades that were closest to his size.  Doesn't he look stylish?
wonky, ridiculous, darling boy
oh the goofiness of this fun, wonderful girl!
taking in the world

sister love.... coming home from the fountain
simple... but I just love her delicate hand, her sweetness even in book-looking

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