Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sweet spots

 We had our first snow this winter.  So sweet to gaze on it together.

Vivi was so enthralled with the winter white, even the cold railings didn't deter her...
and yep, she's wearing her big bro's hand-me-downs... gladly (for the sake of the fleece!)

 The snow made turned our back patio into a perfect place for broom ball 

And we enjoyed a way-later-than normal bedtime with the kids... sitting in their window box together, watching the fireworks for Chinese New Year.  This was constant right outside our windows- front and back- till way past midnight and it won't end for two more weeks!

And of course there's more...  but we're hoping on a train tomorrow to visit dear friends who live in The City of Pandas.  Much to do...  hopefully I can post more photos of the new year and a fun excursion we took as well as some views of our ride and visit west.

Love to you dear friends!  

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  1. What a fun season out there for you to be in! I can't imagine having fireworks run for so long! Whew!
    Miss and love you guys and pray that this "new year" is filled with His Blessings, Fruit, Provision, Vision, and Strength as you assemble many into your midst and share His Love with them!