Friday, January 13, 2012

How's the Climb-It?

JT, you sweet son, fun brother, you are endlessly loved and enjoyed,...

The norm at the K house is that every time Daddy declares "lego time" to lay on the guest mattress and build legos (usually with Isaiah), John declares "climb-it" time... to climb all over daddy.  For some reasons John loves to repeat himself (sometimes for 10 minutes straight if he finds a line that he loves).  When he's climbing on Daddy, "Climb-It" is his mantra.... He's becoming quite a skillful climber... and Matt is amazing at building with the big guy while maintaining his mountain stance for the little guy.  This is John's latest toe-hold. 

The last day of prizes for Marian as she leaned to sleep with no Sleep Toy was a surprise for each one of our big kids.  They each got their own colored flashlight.    And in other word-change news....
Flashlight is now a verb (in our house at least).  

As in, "Let's go flashlight guys!"

Which means....  
"let's go fill this dark, still home with screams and laughter and flashes of wild light!"

(And I'm sure you don't need me to tell you ... they do it very well.)


  1. Oh, flashlights are such a love in this house too. :) I loe this picture. It is so cute.

  2. Love you Jillian and fam! Tim will be very impressed to see how much climbing is a part of your family too...our neighbors just built a climbing wall in our backyard that aches for you to summit it! THank you also for your sweet words on my mom's site, Jill...brought joy to my heart when I discovered it today after finally figuring out how to access the guestbook...You are a treasure, a gift from Him...bless you KFamily!!!