Saturday, July 16, 2011

winning moments

We've had a few moments recently that I simply must record in this journal...

1)  On the train to Beijing (back in May when we went for Vivi's citizenship interview & passport):  We had poorly planned the timing of our packing and departure for the train station and to say we were late and were sweating heavy over making our train is a shabby understatement.  We blazed through that train station-  Matt with all the luggage, me with all the kids (Vivi in the Bjorn carrier, John in the stroller, Isaiah and Marian holding on the sides of the stroller- they were prepped and ready for a little run.)  And... we made it.  Phew!  Shockingly, we made it with a few minutes to spare.  Praise the Lord!  We put the big kids up on their top bunks and pinned the little guy down just long enough to get luggage and everything situated in our bitsy room for the next 11 hours.   Then for the reward of traveling by train:  TIME to be together.  Turn on some good tunes, pull out some sweet treats and watch the sunset and the world rush by- together.

Then Marian calls down...

"Daddy, can you bring me down?  I want to come down there because, because...  because, I love you."

A side note-  during our time in the mountains, this girl had all the big guys helping her around as if she was real-deal royalty.  For one stretch of a hike she had one "big brother" (the guy in the solid blue shirt in the post above) carry a 4-5 pound rock that she loved (while there were thousands of rocks all around us) simply because that one was her favorite.  Oi!  That's what I mean by SPOILED.  Mom and Dad hands are simply too full to indulge anything like this...

2)  The big kids are at the table and I come down the hall and announce "Look who's awake!"  Isaiah, sitting closest to me, glances up at the baby sister with a quick smile.  John, on the other side of him, stands up in his chair and tells me "give kisses."  I gladly hold Vivi over the table and John stretches his neck to kiss her sweet on the cheek.  Then he sits down and not a minute later stands up again, all determined, and tells me "More kisses.  More kisses for baby."  OH I love this guy!

And, she's a roller by the way.  Vivi ended up on her tummy in the middle of the night Saturday (a few days before the 4 month mark) and she did not like it one little bit!  By Sunday she was wiggling like a regular rolly polly. 

3) Last week when we were hiking with friends, one guy told us at the top of a little mountain about his conversation with Isaiah on the way up.

Jesse:  So do you know who made all this?
Isaiah:  Yea, God.  God made everything, you and me and allll this stuff.
Jesse:  That's pretty cool, huh?  Do you know how God made it?
Isaiah:  He just spoke and there it was.
Jesse:  So God's pretty powerful, don't you think?
Isaiah:  Yeah.  I can say stuff and it doesn't happen.  See, I say "make trees" and look, nothing happens.  God's way more powerful than me.

4)  Tonight:  Lightning and thunder strike up the band just as we say our bedtime prayers.  Perfect timing to throw back their curtains and marvel...  together.

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