Sunday, July 31, 2011

It Must Not Be

I'm in agony over these faces, this horror holding over 12 million people.  I'm shaking my head that in the few hours I've spent online this week, I didn't check far enough into world events to see this...

photo taken from The Atlantic article
The worst drought in 60 years, striking across the Horn of Africa, bringing malnourishment, starvation, death to thousands.

This devastation should not be.... and it will not go without this family turning themselves inside out- everything we can think of- to give all that we can.

Whatever it takes Lord!  Lead us with wisdom to give to groups that will use gifts wisely, to your glory.   Help us to cut back every penny we can to GIVE! our all for their sakes.

For the story in pictures, one of which is above:  This article from The Atlantic  (HT:  Ann Voskamp)

For ways to help the "nearly half a million children... at risk of dying of malnutrition and disease" and the 12 million people bound in this horror:  This CNN post.

Two more Christian groups serving here:  Kidmia- see the post below, and the Mennonite Central Committee that has developed food-for-work projects in Ethiopia.

Now... off to pray for Somalia, Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, these children, these mamas, for rain and wisdom and integrity for leaders to come and help and humbly serve...

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