Saturday, July 2, 2011

and we're off!

Train tickets are a touchy topic in China.   Whenever we're driving down the street and see a long line of people at a tiny shop, it's almost always a train ticket spot.  It's pretty hard work, lots of waiting, lots of flexibility, lots of patience needed to get tickets.  And sometimes, still, there aren't any.

Matt waited in that long line the first morning that tickets for our train would be available and by the time he made it to the desk, they were gone.  ALL gone.  And as for the spearmen who promised us they could mysteriously acquire tickets for us, this time their plans too were thwarted.

It might sound rosy that we've ended up with flight tickets and honestly, I'm expecting the 5.5 hours en route (including a 2.5 hour layover) to be cake compared to 30ish hours on the train, but the price tag is pure bummer.   Still we're so grateful we can go.  So grateful for your support and prayers for this!  We prayed lots about just bailing on the whole trip, but we'd loose the return tickets that we already purchased and we'd miss out on so much...  so we're going.  And we're trusting that somehow- He knows just how!-  it's going to be well worth it.  

May it be!  We'll post stories once we're home!

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