Thursday, July 21, 2011

four months

Our littlest sweetheart is 4 months old...  time is flying and I’m trying to savor all of these precious floppy-sprawl cuddles (when she doesn’t mind however I position her laying in my arms or across my chest.)  All the fussing that filled the pre-bedtime hours until she was about 2.5 months old have faded and she's become the easiest baby we've ever had for bedtimes now.  She enjoys her quiet time on a blanket, rolling on the floor and most of the time she just falls asleep in the middle of her quiet thumb-sucking, taking in the world, gentleness- without a peep.  Words cannot tell how much we love her...

And.. Daddy's HOME!  No crew could be more glad!  We praise the Lord for you Matthew.  The Lord's grace was very evident to us while you were away but we missed you sorely still!  (Matt got some fantastic shots of his journey...  I'll try to post some soon.)

She’s laughing gloriously these days, though not just any time... the tickle has to hit her just right.   And she does have a sweet sense of humor for a funny face or a kissy sound.  She’s almost always an easy smile for her big sis and brothers who love to clap her hands and pet her sweet hair.

 Oh this squishy delicious chub.... 
Here's a glimpse of the "screw-on hands" for you Great Grandma Marian :)

Our precious, tender, beautiful "little lady" Vivi


  1. She is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful gift you've been given!

  2. Oh, what a sweet, sweet baby! Want to kiss those precious cheeks...

  3. I love all those expressions that you caught! You are definitely going to stop much more traffic now...praying He will carry you through that all the you!

  4. Gorgeous photos. Miss you friend.