Saturday, July 16, 2011

Travellers Tales

We had such a sweet time away!  Thank you for praying for us!

Reflecting on this time, I am still amazed at how the Lord used so many people to be so richly, so deeply encouraging to us.  For me, that was the best part of our 6 days in the capital of this province:  we connected with friends who have lived and worked there for years, pouring out their lives for such good purpose.  These friends were like gold to lay eyes on and hear from and hug... 

Sorry the photography is pretty lacking of this part of the trip.  I'm sad I didn't get any worthy shots of this outstanding city or those precious friends.  But we will reconnect in a few more weeks with some more friends that travelled with us so hopefully later I can post some of their great shots.  

The kids and Joy (our sweet language tutor who travelled with us as a helper for the kids) and I really enjoyed one special park that had a few fair rides and play things.  Marian and John both rode little cars (John's handily came with a remote control which Isaiah was thrilled to use) and Isaiah was most enamored with the airplane ride that I went on with him and John.  

I really hope to post our friends' better pics of this city soon...  

Oh it was So Good to be there.  The land of the minority language we are studying, the land of this people we love.  And oh how poorly we love them, but how Greatly they are Loved by the One who made them...  Our hearts are quite overwhelmed by the Goodness of God to allow us to be here.

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