Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We've been having lots of fun...  and we are eagerly, excitedly awaiting baby's arrival!  Here are some shots, none of which would win photo awards, but hopefully still share a story worth telling.

(a week and half ago) This "Jumping Bed" was a happy invitation for 36wks-inside baby to come sooner than later :) and it was a super fun last big outing as a family of 5.  Matt wasn't allowed on the bounce house but, thanks to a winter coat to cover the babe, I was still allowed on to help John get around.  He did great for his first time on.... lots of bravery in this 3rd born!  And the kids had lots of fun still playing with Daddy from the sidelines: "the push game."  He is such a fun dad!

Yes, I know classier moms would put away the Christmas socks by now, but they just arrived in a package from Auntie Amy about 2 weeks ago and they are still nearly magic in our boys' eyes so I just let them enjoy.... and no one here knows their really for December anyways!

Wonderful ladies that we worship with on Sundays hosted a super thoughtful shower for Amy and I on Saturday.  Marian was invited to attend as well and it was really sweet to share that morning with my beauty sweet girl.  UPDATE-  my pregnant friend Amy has just gone into labor (Wed afternoon) and I've just returned from taking our midwife Kara to her house...  so excited to hear this new baby news and to have Kara back with us for our little one soon (hopefully!).

Daddy bought some sand to replace the muddy dirt in one end of our planters so now we have a proper sandbox that the kids are delighted to play in for longest possible stretches of daylight.  What a gift!  And since we're unsure how long we'll get to live here, we haven't bought any plants yet for these great planters...   but Matt did make a treasureful find at the trash cans downstairs!  We all love this little orange tree (in the back corner) and sure hope she takes root here!  And hopefully some seeds will sprout up for us here too... in time...

Recently, I decided that the "cadillac blog design" that I was gifted  with for Christmas had served it's season.  It was beginning to feel like a cadillac with dark tinted windows that just was too fancy and too dark for me.... so we're back to free and simple.  I know, silly me...

And recently, we've had lots to celebrate.  Matt and I have marked SEVEN years together.  I truly can hardly believe how incredibly I have been blessed to be married to this man...  he's my very best friend and I just can't believe I get to be his love all our life.  Oh I am So Blessed.   I love him sooo much... THANK YOU Lord for this husband, this father for our kids.

And today is our big boy's FIVE year mark.  How can this be!?   He was committed to the idea of cinnamon rolls for breakfast... and he got them and oh they need to be improved!  We're all looking forward to a big bash to celebrate with new buddies at our new place, but for now we're thinking the party might just come several weeks out....  

We look forward to two more celebrations hopefully soon....  Daddy's big day is in just one week and maybe in this week?, we'll have our little one's birthday to celebrate too!

(Matt's parents told us they refer to March Maddness, as Matt's March Maddness...   Yes, it is:  crazy, wonderfully, mad! )

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  1. It's a real joy to be following your posts. We have you on our minds a lot these days.