Monday, March 7, 2011

Prayers for K4


We're so grateful for you who love us and are lifting us up to God from the other side of the world!  Thank you!  We do have a few things that we have no efforts to make on our own that will see results.... we are entirely dependent on the Lord.  Would you pray for these points with us?

1)  Healthy Birth and Baby... {and timing}:  Our midwife arrives this Saturday!   Yesterday at church, Amy, my preggy friend who will also have a homebirth with our midwife Kara, told me she really doesn't know if she'll make it till then.  Amy has had a baby 2 weeks early before and Sat is that 2 wk mark.  I'm feeling pretty good, making progress... but I've got my gaze set out a bit past Kara's arrival.  (I'll be 37.5 when Kara comes.) Would you please pray that our babies would stay snug until Saturday and that they would be born healthy, be healthy soon after that?  

2)  Mail:  A dear friend has gifted us with an inflatable pool to labor in (with liners for Amy and for me!).  Family have also sent some packages that we really hope arrive on time...  thanks for praying for this! UPDATE:  The pool (and great treats, books with it!) arrived the same day I posted these prayer requests!  Praise, praise be!

3)  Birth Certificate:  You would not believe how difficult this is!  We've looked into a hundred (it seems like it) possible ways to get a BC for our baby and nothing has been promising yet.  We know we'll be able to get a Consular Report of Birth Abroad from the American embassy when we go to the capital, but that document will be unacceptable and unauthorizeable on the ground... where we'll be needing to get baby's visa application filled out pretty quickly.  This one has no solution I can suggest,  we're wide open, hard searching and waiting for this miracle to be discovered!  Give graciously, Lord!

4)  Helpers:  Amy and I will both be missing family for our births.  And for a homebirth, we'll have quite a bit of clean-up and care needed for a little while and it feels like a lot to ask of friends to help in all the ways I can think of needing help!   But we do have dear friends who are ready to come....  Please pray with us that the Lord will let our birth be a smooth time in our home and for the dear friends who have volunteered to help.  

We'll keep you updated :)


  1. Iill be praying for all these things and for good recovery and needed rest for mama. :) That willbe wonderful if friends can come and help you too! I was telling Todd a couple weeks ago how I wished I could hop on a plane and go help you when that sweet little baby is born :)

  2. Praying for you during this time & sending our love to you & the fam, Jill!