Tuesday, March 29, 2011

more of our little princess

 It's been cold in our home for the past week (since the heat has been turned off) so this is what our sweet Vivi usually looks like.

 I never knew the joy of having any siblings, but I am so happy our kids do...  sisters and brothers! Grace upon grace!!

 this is one absolutely smitten daddy
 The boys adore their little sister too... but my photo opportunities have been too few so far.   Brother shots coming (hopefully!)
 Good-bye Kara!  Our sweet midwife took off yesterday to visit a few friends in Asia...  I still tear up every time I think of the amazing gift she gave us to come all this way and deliver our baby girl.  We praise the Lord for you, dear Kara!

She is so beautiful, so sweet, so little!!  
 When she was first born I wondered (probably for the fourth time) "would my baby ever fill out these 0-3 month clothes at the end of only three months?"  But I can tell now (just day eleven) that she'll be filling them before long!


  1. Oh Jill! She is so precious. Beyond words. I love her (well, all of you) to pieces from the other side of the world... no wonder everyone there is so head over heels. You've been in our prayers. We send so much love.

  2. She is so beautiful. I love the pics of the two girls gazing at each other. You're family is in my thoughts.