Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meeting Baby...

We have been really looking forward to this moment... not knowing how the timing or details would work out, but really hoping that we could all meet our baby together.  Grace upon grace, our baby was born smooth and healthy and we woke the kids up (at 4:15 am) for a groggy introduction to their new sibling.  It might take some time to load the video- so maybe let it load before you try to watch?

a few quick notes...

Yep, those are the biggest smiles that could ever stretch across Matt's face or mine...

Matt whispers one part:  "Do we have a new baby brother or a sister?"

For Marian's counting, she includes Mom and Dad for the total number of boys and girls in our family.  

Since this middle of the night meeting, the kids have each showered kisses on Vivi.  It hadn't quite arrived on the spot, but the love is definitely there now in all the big siblings for our sweetest little darling.

We praise the Lord for this baby GIRL!!!


  1. Oh thanks for sharing this! What a blessing to be able to have a little part in her arrival. We love you all so much and look forward to the end of May when we can do the Grandparents job of spoiling them all! God is good!

  2. This is so wonderful! I can't help thinking that your Marian and our Mazie would have such fun together! Counting 3 girls and 3 boys would have been a big deal to her as well! Oh how our hearts rejoice with you, dear friends! We love you so and just think- you can now play games "girls against the boys"! :)

  3. Love this post guys!! I was so excited to watch it and praise God with you in this delightful day!! YEAH!! -Cari

  4. What exciting news!
    You are such a cute family :o)

  5. Jill, she is so precious!!! What an amazing gift from God and what an amazing testimony of love from our He orchestrated everything to come together for the birth of this precious child!!! Praise be to God for "living hope"...Vivian Hope!