Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr. Tough Guy

Today was the second time we've gotten this call:  "This is Isaiah's school...  Isaiah was hurt and he's bleeding.  Can you please come?"  Matt was quickly on his way and upon arriving, quickly saw that it wasn't serious.  Breath of relief.  

Our son was play-wrestling with a cool 6 year-old classmate we've come to know well in our less than a month at this school.... this boy is a fun, goofy kid, and as the teachers told Matt, "He's not too careful."  But there were no hard feelings and Isaiah came home proud of his battle wounds (and shyly glad for the extra attention), and daddy boasted to me too, "this is going to make a great scar."  
(yea... that's a smile hiding in there... he knew a treat was coming)

love and concern from the little guy...

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