Monday, October 11, 2010

our big little boy

Here's a quick view of our littlest mover.
We sure love this spectacular boy.

16 months. "Mama, Nose, Zai Jian/ Bye Bye, Mmmo (Moses bear), Mmmmih (Milk), Dada, Aiya (Isaiah), Waaa (wow), Ba(ll), Ame(n)". Climber. Toddly- yet swiftly- runs. Toothbrush OBSESSED. Incredible drool. Identical to his big brother. Wants his own way and screams when he doesn't get it (sometimes for a looonnng time). Besides this, he's still.... mostly all charm and adorableness. We are smitten and so very grateful.


  1. Hee..hee, and we had the privilege of experiencing all this first hand!!LOVE that smile :)

  2. What an absolute sweetheart, Jill! Adorable! You have really been blogging, good for you :)