Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good-bye old house

Our faithful cardboard friend reached the end of it's days this past weekend.  For a while I thought I might be the most sad about this farewell...  but it was clear that all of us are going to miss this old house.  Sweet memories and laughter here.  

 John adding his final contribution to the artwork impressed on these walls
Structural integrity was lost Sat am....  she only stood till evening
 Isaiah, with all appropriate emotion.  Marian, refusing to smile.  

 And... here's the finally-finished new fountain at the front of our complex.  Maybe I'm the only one who misses the old, far more modest little fountain, but I'll admit this new one is going to be a blast next summer to play in in the heat.  And yes... that's K4 popping out there too... amidst the blur of elder siblings.


  1. Oh, that is sad. What a sweet gift that big ole box was though. I glad you all had so much fun with it. Did you get your hair cut? It looks cute!

  2. dear friends- thank you for your wise and honest words. I have reflected this week that the song Isaiah is singing in chapter five is the very words he is asked to give a very hard hearted people in chapter six. Oh! How I sang in college about the nations and going, and dying to myself and DOING what I find myself right now doing. And yet, I , like Isaiah ask- how long Lord. And yet the Lord is so gracious to me to come and meet me in my broken state. Praying that song will come again and again to your hearts.