Saturday, October 23, 2010

God trains his servants by breaking their hearts

Maybe it's a pregnant thing, or maybe just pure sinfulness in my heart, but I've been aware recently that I've been a little looking for pity. Yuck. I really don't need any. I have nothing to complain of, I know that well.

And then I read
this post, honoring a simple pastor and his wife, who are struggling valiantly, courageously to honor Christ in incredible suffering.

I am inspired to persevere, to keep my eyes up, to choose to give thanks, to remember grace. I truly am doing so much better than I deserve. (All of us who trust in Christ are!) Oh to drop the complaining now!

Thanks, thanks is what I want on my lips, in my heart! Thanks for the grace of God, so perfectly displayed and demonstrated in Christ on the cross...

The Ks are praying for you, Jay and Melody. May Christ's grace abound to you.


  1. BUT please dont forget what you are doing is hard.
    three little kids
    foreign land
    I pray he will fill you to overflowing!!! Em

  2. Jill,

    I was just introduced to you through the comment you left over on Elise's blog. (I'm blessed to count Ann as a friend, too.) Pleased to meet you! I've enjoyed spending some time reading through your archives and getting to know you and your beautiful family...always a blessing to connect with fellow members in Christ's family. I'm glad to be on this journey of life with you.

    May you see Him in all today,

    p.s. My Dad, who works for Crossway Books (ESV Bible) is in Ch. this whole week!