Thursday, October 28, 2010

happy hearts

So true, that gratitude makes our hearts happy.  It is a happy habit indeed to cultivate, to grow wild and bear it's sweet fruit in our home.  We have been given so much- every promise of God is Yes for us in Christ!  And he has given us life and hope and all we need... and more.  

It does make me happy to reflect on all this...

~ for the foreign doctor who practices here and sees a few patients when he’s not caring for local orphans.  What a grace to hear his wise perspective on recovering from the flu and where to give birth....  local medical ideas are so different from what seems wise or reasonable to us, so we are deeply grateful to have this trusted doctor to hear from!

~ taking this week off from classes to let my body rest.... the flu bug took a big bite out of me recently!

~ for this year, 10 months so far to live in this apartment:  spacious rooms with an open kitchen to the dining/ living area (unheard of in Chinese apartments), and a bathtub.  It has been a privilege beyond what we ever expected to live in here.  And we hope we’ll continue to get to live here!

~ for really dear neighbor friends in this complex

~ for the police officer who hasn’t registered us for the past month (after near daily visits or calls) and who might eventually/soon? force us to move from this home.   I am grateful that we are ultimately in the care of a faithful, good, justice-loving God despite these underlings’ authority over us now.  God rules over all these small matters and these officers too.

~ for our local tutors, sharing their heart language with us.... and oh for us to get to share the Language, the Message, of our true Home with them!

~ for songs from our girl, our all the time songbird

~ swinging next to Isaiah and Marian, John on my lap (that won’t last much longer this winter!), listening to Isaiah’s energetic storytelling of “Ba Si Guo Nian” (Buzz Light Year)

~  my mom’s brownie recipe

~ Zana R.’s apple pie recipe

~ the friends that came over to try these American treats and play Matt’s favorite new card game together....  San Guo Xia

~ the playground at the apartment complex next door

~ the sweet, sweet boy who is passionate now about saying "bye-bye"

~ his big brother who delights to wear anything that somewhat matches the little guy

~ warm winter coats

~ a warm enough home and heat that will come on soon?.... we hope!

~ a comfy bed with warm blankets

~ bedside lamps- the perfect glow for the start and end of the day

~ wise friends to advise and encourage and uplift us...

~ our used "student desk" - fits two- so I can be near my love for our attempts to be administrative

~ a season of much less English-speaking, far fewer friends around to hear from and to share my heart with.... this one often feels very bitter, but I know it is also a good gift.

~ a new plan for scripture memory.  Why would I forsake this rich joy?  Thanks Ann for the encouragement and excellent tips!

~ for the bun that is rising in my oven (inside)...  we are dreamy of you, longing for you even now, dear little one!

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  1. a wise older women once told me: "When we are thankful we see thing as they really are." SO true! Love your list!