Sunday, September 19, 2010

world music

I had been thinking for a while that it would be great to find some $2 album with a hundred great songs on it.... we need some excellent classical music in our collection. It's so sweet to have it playing during work and play time, especially during quiet reading time for the kids while I make dinner. Of course music makes that time a bit sweeter!

But free is better than $2.

I just downloaded lots of free albums... Brazilian, Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Israeli, Middle East, Naxos (it sounds great, but I still need to look up what it is!), and Tango tunes from Argentina. What a treat! Way to go Amazon!

Just go to Amazon and search for "Brazilian Music Sampler Free"or "Eternal Baroque" and then follow the links to "customers who bought this also bought..." to see more of the free music.

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