Friday, September 17, 2010

for what end?

My good friend Ann is back in her home, processing the desperation she encountered in Guatemala last week and I'm left blessed, challenged, broken, encouraged by her words yet again.

She describes meeting several families who all live in one slum area that slid off the side of it's mountain in Hurricane Agatha not long ago. All of the families fear the gangs in the city that daily kill about 16. And all the families she met have some connection to the Compassion outreach in Guatemala city and there is sweet fruit to behold from that tie.

this post, Ann writes about the one question we've really got to look into the mirror and ask ourselves.
Compassion plans to open a time capsule a few decades from now and the plan is that at the opening ceremony, two sponsor children will be present and they are to ask the directors and leadership of Compassion one question.... that same question we need to call ourselves to account for:

"Is it still about Jesus?"

Is it all about Jesus? Am I living... really.
living. all about Jesus?

Oh.... may it be, Lord Jesus. By your grace, may it be!

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  1. Oh how I loved this post (and every one, of course, but so much this one! Oh, the conviction and inspiration...thanks or sharing her blog with us...he has used it to chasten me up for the good fight. Love you Jillian!