Friday, September 10, 2010

one more most excellent find

Any one whose read a bit of our blog will know that I (Jill) count Ann Voskamp- just through her blog- as a dear friend and mentor. Right now, as she's visiting Guatemala, meeting Xiomara, the child they sponsor there, and writing about it, I'm reading and weeping and deeply moved.

We've supported Compassion for as long as we've been married- Daniel in Kenya who is thirteen years old now. We got to bless a girl, Agnes, at the same Kenya site in honor of my mom, when she went to be with the Lord. And recently, we've decided that this is really a priority, we simply want to be connected like this to more kids.... It's so worth tightening up the belt strap for...

We look forward to the day when we'll have the language to connect with more poor people here, but we'll be glad to continue giving to these Compassion kids even when our studying and God's grace has finally gotten us there.

We've liked Compassion for all these six plus years. But after reading
Ann's post here, I am more a believer than I've ever been. May the Lord continue to connect these field servants to local churches that will run hard and serve simply, humbly these little ones. And may the Lord move our hearts to give generously and pray earnestly for these precious lives, these children, their families.

Move us Lord.


  1. I was just reading and crying over these posts tonight and had the very same thoughts. Todd and I have been supporting kids since we got married ten years ago and I felt the same way as you after reading her posts...I am even more of a believer in this ministry.

  2. These posts have been o challenging! All the while we have also been reading Radical, which has been on my list to read for the last year. Much to think about...

  3. Yes, these rocked my world, too....the boys got a new "brother" named Axel thanks to Ann and how God used her on this trip to move in our hearts! We're busy finding ways for the boys to earn $ to raise for his family. like collectig firewood with Dad and selling it to our neighbors with a wood stove, etc. Any other ideas on getting the kids more involved in the sacrifice of it all? I know you have some great ideas...