Thursday, September 9, 2010

two excellent finds


I have to share these two posts I've just read this evening. Excellent, excellent, excellent. If you have any spare moments, oh please take a look...

Shaun Groves, currently visiting a Compassion outreach site in Guatemala wrote a piece to break our hearts and fan the pieces that remain into flame: "
Long Distance & Slow Violence." And while you're at his site, listen in for his tunes. More goodness there too.

May this move me- move us- to prayer, to giving, to serving right here where we're at.

Second, this is a quicky. A sweet excerpt from Fred Sanders book "The Deep Things of God." Neat to see the way that "grace" is carried through our own English language. And humblingly good to see the way that "please" is used.... or should be.

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