Saturday, August 14, 2010

not an easy one...

but darn good...

This post about suffering in ministry, from Ajith Fernando, is excellent and well-needed. (Reminds me of Richard Pratt's words about how he wants to see seminaries train their students for suffering in service.)

In response to Fernando's words,
Libby Little wrote a beautiful offering.... I remember hearing Mrs. Little speak at a big conference in the 90's and the testimony of her family staying when they didn't have to left a huge impression on me. How beautifully much like Jesus. What sweeter thing could we want for our lives?

She wrote these words, her short response, earlier this month. Then, on August 7, she received news that he husband had been brutally murdered. This reminds me of Barbara Youderian's words when she learned that her husband had also been killed (one of the "Auca 5" in January 1956):

Tonight the Captain told us of his finding four bodies in the river. One had tee-shirt and blue-jeans. Roj was the only one who wore them... God gave me this verse two days ago, Psalm 48:14, "For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our Guide even unto death." As I came face to face with the news of Roj's death, my heart was filled with praise. He was worthy of his homegoing. Help me, Lord, to be both mummy and daddy." (Let the Nations be Glad, J. Piper, p. 92)
Oh God equip us, your people, to serve you well and to press our lives towards that one all-satisfying end of glorifying, glorying in YOU, even glorifying you in our death. "YOU are our God even unto death!"

As Mrs. Little closed her piece: "
May the fruitful door of opportunity to embrace suffering in service, or at least embrace those who are suffering, remain open for the sake of God's kingdom."

Please join together in praying for the families of
these aid workers who were killed.

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