Wednesday, August 11, 2010

more Norwex

She called it a Flying Pig.... No one who knows her would ever have expected to see Heather (my cool sister-in-law) selling anything. But I'm glad she is!

After much research and time to hurdle her predisposition against multi-level marketing, Heather has decided that Norwex products are really worth selling.... She gets migraines easily from cleanser chemicals and with Norwex her house can sparkle with no looming fumes to steal a day of her life. I've also really enjoyed the Norwex products that I've recieved as gifts and the few I've bought myself.

Initially, I'll admit that seeing the price on some of these things makes me gulp.... but the cleaning cloths (what I've mostly used) last for years and save dozens of bottles of chemicals being bought and brought into our home... and in the end, I'm sure there's money saved (and those chemicals are gladly skipped!)

And time is saved. I've thought to myself that I honestly wouldn't know how to teach our daughter to clean a bathroom, except for using Norwex. It's so easy to get our bathroom sparkly clean and for the first time in my life I feel like I can actually, mostly keep our bathroom nice.

Enough from me.... I hope if you are interested or even just curious, you can visit Heather's site where she has lots of helpful and fun things to read and an easy way to connect with her for questions or to send in your oder!

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