Thursday, August 26, 2010

a few random photos....

Time for one last outing of summer vacation. Just a simple walk around our complex, to the treat shop for a lollipop, played on the swings and toured the rubble at the front gate (I have no idea why they needed to rip apart the fountain that was there to put in another fountain... but they shredded the entire area, with at least 10-12 huge trucks, bulldozers, etc on the job so far. Our apt. complex is only 4 years old. What an odd choice, it seems to me!)

Recently learned the word for "rolly polly" (ok, I know that's not even the correct English name for the bug) in Chinese literally means "watermelon bug." John was sure he needed to eat one.
And yes, he has pink shoes on. I have no idea how, but we lost one of his shoes and I don't have any others for him right now. So he's wearing an old pair of his big sister's....
These three might look like this for a while. He'll be catching up soon enough though!

Marian's 3rd Birthday shots will be up soon (hopefully!)


  1. We can't believe how big they are getting. Thanks for posting the photos. You know we can't get enough of those. Love and miss you all so much! Mom and Dadardulli

  2. Oooooh! We have so many Roly Polies in our yard. I think that my kids have turned over every brick in the courtyard looking for them!! When I look at pictures of your kids, I can't help but think how much fun it would be to see our kids all play together! I think they would be quite the team!!